SmartAssist Plug-in

//SmartAssist Plug-in

Plug-in Overview

This plug-in uses the OpenSocial protocol together with Open Authorization (OAuth) to query profile data and sensor data from the SmartAssist social network. Query processing and error handling are handled automatically by the plug-in, allowing apps to integrate SmartAssist data with low overhead.

  • Plug-in ID: de.smartassist.contextplugin

Supported Context Types

Context Type Privacy Risk Level Data Types Description
<PLUGID>.profileinfo MEDIUM IProfileInfo Represents the user’s SmartAssist profile.
<PLUGID>.simplesensorvalues MAX ISimpleSensorValues Represents the user’s home sensor values.
Descriptions of the data types above can be found in the JavaDocs at the end of this page.

Web App Usage

Not currently supported

Native App Usage

Integrate Dynamix into your native app, as described here.

Add context support as follows:

Your app can then trigger a context scans using the following code:
[DataType JAR Download data-type-download=””]

Context events can be handled like this:

[Context Info Blurb context-info-blurb=””]
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